About Us


I use to only consider this type of cooler for long excursions offshore or multi-day hunts, that sort of thing…and our coolers are built for that. But the truth is, life gets in the way, and we don’t get to do all those things as often as we’d like. I needed a cooler that was as at home on a tailgate one day as it was on a transom offshore the next.

At South Jetty Coolers, we build durable coolers for rugged outdoor use, but price them reasonably enough for everyday enjoyment. From boat to beach to birthday party, its one cooler for any occasion. For me personally it’s become part of the family, a trusted side-kick to take on whatever the next adventure is, outdoors or next door. I think that’s extremely cool, and hope you do too.

Michael Harger – Co-owner, South Jetty Products, llc.